Comparative Dan Superlative – Kelas 4 SD – Note 3

Unit 3


A. Space-related Nouns

B. Adjectives (kata sifat)


Comparative & Superlative


To compare Earth and Jupiter, we use comparative ( compare two planets)

Earth is smaller than Jupiter
Jupiter is farther to the Sun than Earth

If we want to compare one planet and other planets(more than one planet) use superlative.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system (there are another 7 planets in the solar system, so compare 1 with 7 planets).

Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun


Grammar – Conditional sentences type 0 (Facts)

Conditional sentences type 0 digunakan untuk mengandaikan suatu kejadian yang merupakan fakta. 

When the moon goes in front of the sun, there is an eclipse

Kalimat pengandaian kejadian yang terjadi


If you look at the sun, it can damage your eyes

Kalimat pengandaian  kejadian yang terjadi


Kedua kalimat tersebut menggunakan simple present tense

Example :

  1. If it (not , rain) the flowers (die)
    If it doesn’t rain, the flowers die.
  2. If children (not , eat) well, they (not, be) healthy
    If Children don’t eat well, they aren’t healthy.
  3. Food (stay) fresh for longer if you (put) it in the fridge.
    Food stays fresh for longer if you put it in the fridge.
  4. If Polly (not, have) a lot of homework, she (go) out with her friends.
    If Polly doesn’t have a lot of homework, she goes out with her friends