Present Perfect – Kelas 4 SD – Note 4

Unit 4


A. Movie Genre

B. Movie Related Works

What do they do?

  • A writer writes the story for the movie.
  • A director tells the actor and actress about what to do / act
  • A composer makes the music for the movie
  • A sound Engineer records and arranges the sound
  • A camera operator records the scenes
  • A stylist takes care the costumes
  • An artist makes special effects or special make-ups
  • A designer makes the set for the movie


Present Perfect

This is used to tell about:

  • Something that started in the past and continues in the present
    She has learned how to swim since four years old
  • Our experience up to the present
    I’ve never seen that film before
  • For something that happened in the past but important in the present
    I can’t get in the house. I’ve lost my keys
Positive sentence Subject + have/has + verb 3 I have cooked the rice
She has caught the cat
Negative sentence Subject + have/has + not + verb 3 I haven’t cooked the rice
She hasn’t caught the cat
Question sentence Have/ Has + Subject + verb 3 Have you cooked the rice?
Has she caught the cat?
Subject I, you, we and they followed with have
Subject He, she and it followed with has

Yes, I have/ No, I haven’t

Yes, she has / No, she hasn’t


Present perfect with ever and never

For the experience up to the present, we usually use ever and never
Ever digunakan untuk menyatakan hal yang sudah dialami atau dimiliki
Never digunakan untuk menyatakan hal yang belum dialami atau dimiliki

My last birthday was the best day I have ever had
I have never tasted this kind of pizza. It’s delicious! (Never is for negative form)